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JNorthcraft Studios offers fine art enrichment instruction in a wide range of formats for pre-K to 5th grade students from a Certified Art Teacher with eight years' teaching experience. We teach in Brighton, Commerce City, Henderson and Thornton.

The idea for JNorthcraft Studios started when Jennifer was an elementary art teacher and a parent said "Alex really likes art. Are there any art classes he can take in the area?" As it turned out, there are a lot of opportunities for kids that are interested in sports or dance or music, but there are not many avenues for kids who like art. Many parents expressed a need for their kids who love art and want to develop as an artist. JNorthcraft Studios was created to meet the need for art in the community. We are actively considering expanding our opportunities, so let us know if you have a need!

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In the summer, we offer two day art camps with a variety of themes and Studio Time that gives students more freedom to create their own projects.

During the school year, we partner with local elementary schools that don't have an art program to offer after school art enrichment. We also partner with schools that want after school art enrichment beyond what can be done in a classroom setting.

Throughout the year, Art Groups offer a chance for students to learn art in a smaller group setting. Individual Art Instruction is an opportunity for students that want individual, specific instruction.

As school starts, new art groups and after school programs are forming. Let us know if your student or students' school is interested!