Jennifer Northcraft (24K)

artist ~ teacher ~ photographer

I have always loved art. Some of my favorite memories throughout school are centered around my art classes and art projects. After discovering my love of teaching during summers as a camp counselor, I got my art education degree and started teaching.

I love presenting art history and artistic styles as a jumping off point to students and equipping them with new skills to create their own original art. While I believe teaching skills and concepts is extremely important, I also feel strongly about encouraging and allowing students to explore their own creativity. Sometimes, art is as much about the process of creating as it is the finished product.

I started JNorthcraft Studios because art is becoming less and less available in public elementary schools. By the time students get to middle school where art is required, they're too timid to express themselves through art. Some kids find their place in sports, or music or theater, but for some kids (like me) art is their place and their gift.

Artist ~ Teacher ~ Photographer

About Jennifer

Jennifer is a Certified Art Teacher with a degree in K-12 Art Education from the University of Missouri - Kansas City. She's taught elementary, middle and high school art in public schools for eight years. Prior to founding JNorthcraft Studios, she was the Certified Art Teacher at Turnberry Elementary in the Brighton 27J District.

Jennifer lives in Brighton, CO with her husband, their daughter and two dogs. She enjoys bargain shopping, skiing at Copper, grande vanilla lattes, KU basketball and being a night owl.